Garden Fairy Diaper Cake


It’s hard work being a fairy! So this one is napping in her garden under a beautiful bouquet of lavender flowers and butterflies, atop her fairy home, which cleverly disguises 55 size 2 Pampers.



Three-tier Garden Fairy diaper cake description:

55 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Size 2
1 Sleeping Fairy with Green, Sparkly Wings
Beautiful Sheer, Wire-Trimmed Pink and Purple Ribbons
1 Lavender Faux Floral Bouquet
3 Sparkly, Tulle Fabric Butterflies: Pink, Yellow, and Blue
1 White Picket Fence (Borders Entire Bottom Tier)
1 Fairy Garden Sign
1 Decorative French Style Window with Flowers
1 Decorative Front Door, Embellished with Miniature, Multicolored Roses
1 “Live, Laugh, Love” Garden Sign
1 Decorative Ladder
2 Ducks – Yellow and White
Pink Faux Florals and Miniature Roses
Natural Garden Rocks
Pink, Green, and Yellow Miniature Mushrooms


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